Hey Rosie!
July 26, 2019
I have many fears and I am always anxious

Hey Rosie,

I have many fears and I am always anxious. Rosie, sometimes it makes me so paralysed that I can’t even leave my house. I pretend that I am sick so no one has to see me having a meltdown.

Rosie, my sister has said to me that I need a good therapist so I can work through my many issues. Due to my anxiety, I have lost two great relationships and I know it’s because I was always worrying about something and it didn’t help while I was in those relationships.

I feel as though my circle of friends and family is getting smaller because people are tired of me.  How can I fix this?


Dear Anxious,

I truly feel for you. Unless anyone has gone through some sort of anxiety (even for a brief period) they will not fully understand how crippling this disorder can be.

Having said that, there is help out there. It can come in the form of speaking to a therapist about what triggers these anxiety attacks. You can do things like yoga and deep breathing to help you manage uncomfortable moments, meditation and with professional help even medication. Basically what I am saying is that with the right interventions you WILL be able to conquer many of your fears.

Don’t be ashamed because this condition afflicts millions of people around the world. The trick is to seek help and not beat yourself up.  As you learn various skills in handling your challenges you will see that a whole new exciting world will reopen for you.

I truly wish you the best – especially in taking your next step to a happier you. 


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