Is it wrong to have a crush on two people at once?
Hey Rosie!
April 18, 2019
Is it wrong to have a crush on two people at once?

Hi Rosie,

Is it wrong to have a crush on two people at once?  All that I can say is that I am caught up with my boyfriend’s BFF. We haven’t done anything, but he is so attractive, I am pulled to him and I can see that he is also interested. I also really like my boyfriend as well. But is this normal, I am all in my feelings right now and I must admit that I am tempted?  Should I tell the other guy how I feel?


Hello Twisted,

Let me catch you now before you fall off the edge of reality and common sense here. The answer is NO! Do NOT approach this “eye candy” to tell him how you feel, that will open up such a nasty can of worms it wouldn’t be funny!

You are not be the first person to be attracted to someone who is forbidden. This is where self-control comes in. Imagine you stepping up to this young man (your boyfriend’s best friend at that) to tell him that you find him attractive? One thing leads to another –now both of you are creeping around in a sordid mess.

But let me tell you the biggest deal breaker of it all, your “eye candy” will have a whole other view about you. He will more than likely think you are easy and could even tell your boyfriend about what is going on as well. Don’t become that young lady. Be pleasant and keep your distance. This happens all the time, the trick it’s how you conduct yourself. Being a creeper is not the way to go, so let your crush number two go.

Deep breaths, this too shall pass.


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