I’ve been sleeping with my boss
Hey Rosie!
April 5, 2019
I’ve been sleeping with my boss

Hey Rosie, So here is my problem, I’ve been sleeping with my boss. We are both married and have kids, but our attraction for each other became too much to ignore, so we started fooling around and it was really exciting at first, because it was a huge taboo. Now I’m getting tired of this cloak and dagger game of sneaking around, the “working late” excuse and our various code words so we could meet up. Frankly speaking, I regret this so much because my hubby is such a decent man, he’s just a little boring and my boss is the complete opposite. Now that I am trying to break it off with my boss, he is becoming more demanding and reckless. He is suggesting that he could let the cat out of the bag and tell my husband, because he doesn’t want to stop what we are doing.

Help me, Rosie, I’m even thinking about quitting my job, coming clean with my husband and begging for his forgiveness, because this man is beginning to creep me out! What should I do?

Help Me!

Dear Help Me!

Well you have dug a huge hole for yourself, huh? This must be a very nerve-racking problem in your world at the moment.

Ok, you know this affair shouldn’t have happened in the first place, right? You really should sit yourself down and ask yourself why would you have risked everything only because your husband was boring in your eyes? This is a huge red flag about you and your decision-making when it comes to your relationship with your husband. Remember, relationships aren’t easy.

If you thought you weren’t getting what you wanted from him you should have sat him down to hash it out, or even sought couples counselling. An affair really was NOT the answer.

On the other hand, your boss is playing a game of emotional blackmail and you will have to stand up to him. But before doing this, you actually should come clean to your husband first. Please realise that he may not be very forgiving and things could become dicey. I am also going to suggest that BOTH of you are going to need therapy if you are going to stand a chance of surviving this major infidelity.

If you are going to leave your job, do so with the lease amount of chaos please. Your reputation and peace of mind depends on how you proceed going forward. I wish you all the best and also I hope that you will make better decisions going forward.


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