How can I get this woman off my back?
Hey Rosie!
October 26, 2018
How can I get this woman off my back?

Hey Rosie,

There is this lady who loves to preach to me about living a pure life and a godly life, yet she is living in sin with a married man. How can she be such a hypocrite, huh?  I mean, doesn’t she know about not throwing rocks if she is already living in a glass house? She wants to tell me that my clothes make me look easy, why do I have so many guys friends, etc.  It’s burning me up to ask her when is she going to release the married man! I think she doesn’t know her deal. How can I get her off my back?

Over it

Dear Over it,

Well isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? I fully get your frustration, yet we ALL have someone at some point in our lives who has driven us equally as crazy!

Truthfully, there are two choices: you can ignore her completely and let her live in her own denial about her truths. Or you can call her out for living a double life and simply ask her to stop meddling in your business, especially since she has her own issues to deal with.

Sometimes when people press on you like this it could be a couple of reasons; one could be jealousy, because the person wishes that they could have a simpler and more fulfilling life like yours. Or perhaps it’s their very annoying way to help prevent you from making the mistakes that they did, they are actually trying to save you? Could that be it? However, it will be up to your discretion in terms of how you will handle and address this challenge.  

I wish you the wisdom of Solomon in making the best decision here.


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