Hey Rosie!
September 28, 2018
The man I’ve been dating; I never knew this fool is a married man!

Hi Rosie,

I’ve been dating a guy for the last four months and I thought it was going well. I found that he would only see me on two specific days during the week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and he would see me in the mornings on a Sunday. He told me that it was due to his work schedule and he only had that available time for us to be together.

We would have a great time going out to eat, the movies etc, so I never thought that he was a married man!! Rosie, we were out and ran into a mutual friend (one that we never knew that we were both connected to), the friend didn’t say anything to me when she saw me, but quickly called me and broke it down the next day. Rosie, this fool is married! The days he sees me are the days his wife, a doctor, is working! I am so upset! Not only am I not answering his calls, I want to take it a step further and tell his wife! Help me here, Rosie. He made me the “other” woman, that is not my style at all and I’m so pissed off! How could he do this to both of us? What should I do?


Dear Scorned,

Wow! Oh man, that really is a terrible shocker! He really thought he could get away with it too, huh?

Look, take a few breaths please. You have all rights to be as angry as you are. To be unwillingly placed in a love triangle is so unfair and sometimes it could be downright dangerous too. Are you sure that SHE is not aware of the fact that he is a cheater? I would go back to your mutual friend and find out a bit more about this guy’s prior movements.

Sometimes we may feel that we are doing a service to another woman by letting them know that their partner is a cheater. However, for whatever reason, your good intentions can backfire on you and then you are the subject of some unwanted and negative energy. Now if after weighing all of the facts gathered and you feel the need to tell her, then go ahead. Just be prepared for the consequences. I think it’s great that you cut him off. I would just not look back, and go ahead with this lesson learned and live your best life.

Remember, do not measure all men against this dishonest one. Keep hope alive, my friend, you’ve learned a very valuable life lesson here.


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