Hey Rosie!
July 13, 2018
My friend keeps asking me for money!

Hey Rosie,

How can I stop my friend from asking me all the time for money? I am so over our friendship already, so much so I avoid her now. I understand that it’s hard, because she’s a single mom with three kids, but come on… I have my own bills and life going on. Just last Friday she said she is going to need to borrow $300 from me for this week. She isn’t consistent in repaying either. I am not the only person she borrows from either.


Dear Help,

This is an annoying habit and it seems that you have to make a decision very shortly, or else this will end badly.

You can either keep giving her the money and have a lot of animosity towards her, or you can tell her, “no”, I can’t help you anymore. Or you can stop being her friend… especially if that is all this relationship is about.

Is it worth it to say to her, “look I can’t help you”, but still have some semblance of a friendship? Or, do you want to spare her feelings and sacrifice yours by always giving her money? Also, if it is true that she is asking other people for money, very soon she will burn many bridges in terms of friendships.

The ball is in your court. Good luck with this one.


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