Hey Rosie!
June 15, 2018
My friend is now unfairly using me and bossing me around

Hey Rosie,

So my friend was just promoted as my supervisor at work. We have been friends since elementary school and now she’s my boss! Look, I’m happy for her, but the problem is that she now picks on me a lot and likes to “set an example” by unfairly using me.

Even my other co workers see it and I’m getting annoyed. The messed up part is that after work she’s laughing and talking to me as if she didn’t do something wrong. What should I do? I almost want to tell her off, but I value our friendship. Help me before I flip out on her!
So Done

Hello So done,  

I think I’d feel very much like you if this was happening to me as well. You have to walk a delicate balance of being professional and still actively maintaining this lifelong friendship.

Are you sure you aren’t a tad sensitive? I have to ask because we should also explore that there could be some jealousy involved as well, due to her promotion and all that comes with it. Now if that is the case and you can objectively see that she is doing her job and not picking on you, this can be worked on.

If it is not the case and she has slightly lost her mind with power, a different approach will have to be taken. On your off time sit her down and voice your concerns. It may get a bit dicey or tense, but I think you guys can get through it.

If either of you is somewhat hot headed get another friend to moderate this issue.

Please don’t let this ruin so many years of a great friendship. Good luck!