Hey Rosie!
May 18, 2018
How do I get my boyfriend who is 10 years older to take me more seriously?

Hi Rosie,

I have been dating a (mostly) great guy for over a year now. We get along like peas and carrots, but he sometimes treats me like a child. Or really, what I should say is he dismisses my practical suggestions in preference to his own (oft faulty) thinking.

I will admit that he is my senior by about ten years. But really we are both well above legal. We are at different adult stages (he is divorced with two wonderful children; I’ve never been married, no kids), so I totally understand that he may believe that I don’t have as much life experience as he has.

My stance is simply that my life experiences are different.How do I get him to understand and take me seriously?

Hello my friend, 

I can imagine how frustrating it can be dealing with someone one who tends to have a “know it all attitude”.

I agree with you, age does not negate wisdom, he has to respect what you bring to the table as well.

I have a question for you, where do you see this relationship going?  Do you see yourself fighting to get past this hurdle, or can you eventually let it come to a natural end and just walk away?

If you see this relationship being a long-term union, you are going to have to sit your mister down and state your case very clearly to him.

You will have to let him know that it is annoying to have him be so dismissive when you make various suggestions to him.  Or the fact that he thinks he’s older he is automatically wiser.If he’s not getting it then you can seek couples counseling.

They could be very helpful once he also sees the value in it. However, if he is NOT willing to listen to you or work on your issues, you will then have to rethink your position about where this is headed. I truly wish you the best.


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