Hey Rosie!
January 13, 2017
My best friend and my boyfriend have been talking behind my back

Hey Rosie,

I found out that my best friend has been talking to my man behind my back. They were pretty slick too. I didn’t catch up until I saw a small and quick clip on Snap Chat. I couldn’t believe they would do me like this, Rosie! I am not sure if they are sleeping together, but they have hidden pet names in their phones for each other, because I found it when I searched my boyfriend’s phone the other night. He’s calling her “love bug” and “lady bug” and she’s calling him her “love catcher.” What is that? I am really vex. I want to confront them both and cut them off. A couple of my friends know and want me to do it too. I’ve been with my boyfriend for eight months and she’s been my BFF for over five years. We are all 19. What should I do?

Bug Killer!


Dear Bug Killer,

Whoa one minute, please! Don’t go there; this isn’t worth you snapping and going after anyone. Their poor choices shouldn’t make you lose your own grace and integrity.

Yes, it does look like your BFF and your boyfriend are having an indiscreet relationship behind your back. I, too, would be devastated and betrayed as well. You have some decisions to make: 1.Do you want to confront them individually and let them know that you know and give them the opportunity to come clean? 2. You then have to decide if you want to forgive one, both or none of them. 3. You may also want to be prepared for them being nasty to you as well, because they may take this opportunity to officially come out to the world with their hidden relationship.

No matter what happens, understand that you did nothing wrong; this is all on them and their poor choices, not yours. Also make sure you have someone to talk to, because it’s going to be rough for a little bit. Finally, when people show you who they really are, believe it, they are helping you clean out your circle of the fake friends.

Good luck!


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