Hey Rosie!
January 31, 2014

New guy wants to come in my life but I feel like giving up on love

Dear Rosie

I heard you giving people good advice, first let me start by saying all my life as a little girl I keep on getting hurt, and now I am 22, I don’t know what to do, every relationship I get into I end up getting hurt. Now it have this new guy who wants to come into my life and I don’t if I should let him in. I just feel like giving up on love. It’s like there is nothing more for me. I am so confused and stressed out. What do you think I should do? Rosie I need your help.{{more}}

I need your help

Dear I need your help,

Thank you for your kind words. What I am really interested in is you saying that ALL of your life you have been getting hurt? Sometimes when we have rough beginnings we think that life will always be that way and I am here to tell you it wouldn’t. Life is truly what you make it!

Maybe the reason you keep getting hurt is that you are looking for someone to love you the way you felt you should have been loved as a youngster. The problem there is that most of the time we seek love and acceptance from people who themselves have problems and can’t help us either.

So my advice to you is before you get into any other relationship – work on you. By that I mean seriously seek counselling. Counselling is a way that people can offload their burdens to a neutral non judgmental outsider. That person in turn can then give you some sound advice or tips in regards to handling your anxieties, sadness, complexes or basic questions without making you feel uncomfortable. Maybe there is someone in your church or community that you trust like that? Or maybe even a professional organization that offers these services? I would definitely try.

You can have a successful relationship, I would just have this guy as a friend for now, but I would put you first and take care of your emotional needs. If not you will keep repeating this hurtful pattern, so take your time and rediscover what makes you the wonderful person you are!


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