Hey Rosie!
January 24, 2014
My ex friend is trying to frame me; to break up my relationship

Dear Rosie:

You have a wonderful gift from God by giving people good advice. First I will start by saying I am going through this problem with this girl who used to be my friend. She is calling up my name turning everyone against me saying that I want her boyfriend, which I know that I don’t. She made a fake profile with my facebook name, texting her boyfriend on it and a lot of people so that they will think it’s me. She is jealous of my boyfriend and my relationship.{{more}} She is trying to break it up. We are together for one year six months with no problem so far until now this girl is trying to create one to draw him away from me. I really don’t know what to do. I think I don’t belong in this world. I feel like I am going crazy. Please help me now.


Dear Thank You,

I do appreciate your warm compliment; hopefully I can help you today. I am happy to hear that this girl WAS your friend and no longer in your life.

Now, it is very difficult to clear your name if someone is or has defamed your reputation around town and it makes you look and sound questionable to those who are close to you, but here are some things to prevent this in the future: Be careful of the people you consider to be friends. If they are gossiping and revengeful towards others in your presence – what then makes you any different? Also listen to that voice in your head, if it says “walk away” then do so from the person when you first meet them. Finally, if you carry yourself around with integrity and high standards (which I am sure you do) then if a horrible rumor comes out about you those people who admire and love you will stick by you and defend your good name. Never stoop to the level of the person who is spreading the rumors about you. At the very least they will give you the benefit of the doubt to defend your name.

Now back to this fiasco you are in, you are going to have to do damage control with the people you deem to be in your true circle of friends. Explain to them exactly what happened and the fact that you never approached them in any kind of negative or inappropriate way. I would also on your own Facebook profile put a general disclaimer on your status that this is your only Facebook profile and any others are fraudulent. You and your boyfriend will have to be on the same page and trust one another. People will always try to come in between couples; it’s important that the couple themselves know how to trust each other.

So consider this a great lesson learned. Some people in this life will set out to create drama in your life, the trick is how to either side step them or rise above the confusion.

All the best,



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