Hey Rosie!
November 1, 2013

Should I be out with the Old or in with the New?

Hey Rosie,

I am 20 years old and I am in a sticky spot. I have a boyfriend who I have really lost interest in. He’s unambitious and lazy and we clearly have nothing in common. Despite this, however, I just can’t find it in me to leave the relationship. To add salt to the wound, there’s this other guy! He is focused, career driven and fun! He’s everything I look for in a man, except for the fact that he is very unsettled, given his career. Regardless of this, I am still attracted to him and the new chase. I am at an odds!{{more}} Should I stick with the old and try to work past this thing which might be a phase? Or should I be out with the Old and in with the New and start laying some foundation? What say you, Rosie?


Dear New or Old,

There is another option that you should also explore… which is none!

You said it best; you’ve lost interest in the current boyfriend. You were very clear and I think smart about what didn’t appeal to you anymore ­– so why beat a dead horse? Walk away decently, with your pride intact.

Then comes the young man who has that get-up- and-go that you seem to admire; however, you are concerned that his job isn’t stable at the moment. Now think about it; is it the job/position that turns you on, or is it the person (I’m talking about both situations)?

That is why I said no to both. Real talk here; take your time and decide what YOU want for you first. Your career, education, where you want to live, basically your aspirations and goals. While you strive to achieve these things, life has a way of presenting your unquestionable mate. It really does.

Whatever you decide, I ask you to be true to yourself first. Many blessings to you, my friend.


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