Hey Rosie!
August 3, 2012
Incest survivor reaches out to woman raped by stepfather

Hey Rosie,

I read your column every week and love it. The article the young lady wrote about being raped by her stepfather really touched home.

You see, I myself went through the same thing and the sad part is I never told anyone until last year. My mother and I got into a disagreement and she complained to my other sisters that I hate and resent her. I told them I don’t hate her, I just pity her and then my sister asked me why would I say that.{{more}}

I told her; she was furious. She told our mother and do you know, my mother said that I’m lying. I have two beautiful children and I am married and happy. This thing happened when I was 13-15 years old and I never said anything to anyone until then and to think that she says I’m lying.

It hurt like hell, but my sisters believed me because they told our mother he tried the same thing with them, which I never knew until then. Rosie, because of my mother’s doubt and misbelief in me, I actually find myself hating her, and I don’t mean to Rosie, but I just feel it building. Our mother lives in another country and my sisters and I live elsewhere and every year, we would go over to a big Vincy picnic. However, this year, I’m the only one that didn’t go. I just don’t want to see her face, Rosie, because I know all the built up anger would come out.

So, if there is any way I can help this young lady, I would be happy to. I can be contacted at the above e-mail.

Hello Reader:

I am so encouraged by how much care and concern there is for the young lady who was being raped by her stepfather. Here’s another testimony about being a survivor and making it, no matter the obstacles. Please, I am asking you to reach out again because there are people out here who would like to assist you.

Please keep the faith and thank you, my dear reader, for sharing your personal testimony to this young lady and perhaps many others as well. God bless and one day you and your mother will be able to have an honest conversation about what happened to you in the past.


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