Hey Rosie!
September 16, 2011
He hardly calls my phone. Is something wrong with this?

Hey Rosie,

I am in my last year of college. For the past few months, I have been dating this guy who finished college about three years ago.

He is nice and everything, and I trust him, but my problem is that we talk all day online, when he is not busy at work. He hardly calls my phone. Is something wrong with this?{{more}}

Need to know

Dear Need to Know,

Well to be truthful, you DON’T completely trust him. However, I am not saying that he is cheating, but there is something about this setup that makes you a little uncomfortable.

If he is a decent guy, is respectful to you, has a job and you aren’t in harm’s way, when you are around him, then I would say that those are bonus points in his favor. Personally, I am thinking that he prefers to communicate via texting or IM rather than talking on the phone. I, like many people, prefer this method of communication. However, the art of true conversation will soon be lost, sad to say.

So why not ask him? Instead of guessing about what he’s thinking, go to the source. If it’s what I mentioned, about him preferring to text, then you can address that with him and let him know you would rather he also call, so you can both work on a compromise.

On the other hand, if his answer seems to be a “little shady”, then you have to decide if you want to put up with that. Seriously, you are young, free and have so many choices ahead of you. Therefore, make sure you choose wisely. Continued success with school and your future endeavors.


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