Hey Rosie!
March 12, 2010
Ignore those boys

Dear Rosie,

I am a 15-year-old girl who is very mixed up in the so-called teenage love world. Rosie, I know I am too young to have a boyfriend, but somehow I got caught up in it and can’t get out.{{more}}

Recently, I had a boy who is one form ahead me – Form 5. It was the worse experience I ever had in my whole life. I found out he was only playing me. Rosie, the thing that hurts me most is that he is going about saying I treated him bad, but the truth is it was him who treated me badly. He is one of those “want to be players”, and I got played in the game.

I can’t have a good day at school because he keeps interfering with me and putting my name in things I never did. I was foolish but not that foolish to do anything with him. I AM STILL A VIRGIN AND PROUD!!!

The boy is part of a group at school and this group of boys keep playing girls and then going about singing songs bout them, and playing it on their phones. They even include your names. Rosie, these set of boys are in Form 5 now and I can’t wait for them to leave the school. They are destroying too many girls’ lives.

Rosie, what am I to do in the meanwhile? How do I get myself out of this one?


Dear Stressed Teen,

My girl I am here to tell you all is well with you and you are on the right track already! You may be experiencing drama, but you are very clear that you don’t wish any part of it. I am so proud of you for that. Look, BOYS will be BOYS. They may want to act like they are men, but at this stage in their lives they are proving otherwise. The bottom-line is don’t let them see you sweat. If so they will only continue to stoke the fire. IGNORE them!

As you get older you will realize that with every situation there is the good and the bad. How we choose to handle these experiences determine if we are true survivors. When I tell you in a few short years this drama filled experience will be but small memory, yet still a great lesson to hold in the vault to pull from. Don’t let him take your spirit or pride away, in fact you are much more mature it seems than this want to be singer at the moment. You really have to put on a “whatever-attitude” at this present moment because I know he is working your last nerve. I know it is hard, but in the end this “Vincy Idol” will have to move on to another venue/person to perform to.

Be proud that you have your head on. People will ALWAYS have something to say about you. Most of the time it isn’t even close to the truth to begin with. When you really take a closer look at the person who is starting the rumors or drama they are having their own challenges. By the way you can have boyfriends. Boys that are real friends. Not a serious I love you and I want to be your ‘sweetie” kind of relationship, but more of a “I have your back “ kind of friend. Have many of these relationships, both with boys and girls. It helps you to gain those skills for the real relationships you will have to deal with in a few years.

So let him sing…maybe that is his calling, maybe. But when it falls on deaf ears (which is you) then he will have to seek another audience. Also to the young men out there who think it’s cool to speak poorly and dog a young lady it is not. Remember you also are surrounded by women you love and somehow I don’t think you would put up this kind of grimy behaviour coming from another male. Would you say these things about your sister, mother, aunt or grandmother? I think not.

Be proud, focused and undaunted. Great things lie ahead for you.


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