Hey Rosie!
January 8, 2010

I want to be set free

Hey Rosie,

I am a 16-year-old girl who needs to be released from the bars that she’s in. I need to get out of this big prison. I need to go places with my friends and others. I am always in the house. I will do anything to get out, even if it causes me to get pregnant. I am tired.{{more}}

The Freedom Fighter

Dear Freedom Fighter,

Are you for real? Obviously you have a way with words and you are possibly one of those “creative types”. So you are 16 and you need to be released from the “Big Prison”? You feel as though you are being kept back from experiencing the world? Well, let me quickly fill you in. The big prison is really the safe house, and frankly it is where you should be at the moment.

Many times as a teenager it seems as though life is galloping past you. All the very cool people get to do, wear and say what they want. I know it may seem that it is a glamorous life, but it can be very dangerous. Having parents, family and teachers around you to say: “No you can’t …” is such a gift. You aren’t going to fully grasp how powerful it is until you are on your own.

Also the threat of getting pregnant on purpose is obviously a very reckless statement on your part. I know you also realize that as well. Just your writing style lets me know that you are much too intelligent to make such a foolish mis-step. Just scratch that thought, please. Thank you.

Freedom Fighter, I am going to ask you to channel your energy and your creative talents for good changes. While you are “doing time”, figure out how you can use your skills for positive goals, not otherwise. Start really thinking seriously about your educational future and how you are going to achieve it. I personally see you in the Arts. But that is just me. The bottom line is that you have many gifts and a bright future ahead, so stop and consider yourself lucky to be stuck in the Safe House. Just change your outlook. One day you would wish you were still there.


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