Hey Rosie!
June 27, 2008
Help – I have a bad crush on co-worker!

Dear Rosie,

I’ve been enjoying your advice and I’m hoping that you can help me too. Mine is really simple. There is this guy that I REALLY like who works with me. He is very respectful, good looking, has no children (I checked!) and gets along with everyone. He always asks how my weekend was, what am I up to and always seems to have a smile on his face when he talks to me.{{more}} Rosie I am scared to death to tell him that I like him. I am about 5 years older and slightly overweight, but I have a lot of friends, have a great sense of humour and I REALLY like him! What should I do? I am afraid that he may just laugh in my face or tell my other co-workers and then I would look stupid! Help me Please!

Bad Crush

Dear Bad Crush,

I think this is cute. I am assuming that you are free, single and also disengaged. I also think that this young man likes you as well. It seems as though he might be genuinely shy! So what do you do? Well let’s see…maybe you can invite him out to a weekend function at a friends house, just as a friend (he normally asks you what you are up to anyway). Something very harmless like a BBQ, which is in the afternoon going into the evening, so that the pressure of a full “date” is not evident.

Doing it this way will allow you to find out how “nice” he really is. Your friends will let you know what they think of him in a social setting and you will get to see him in a causal and fun environment. This will allow both of you to determine if there is a possibility for future growth.

Another piece of advice, take it easy and one step at a time. Sometimes we women can be very aggressive and pushy. We tend to try to make things unfold at a faster rate. Enjoy this first step. It makes you giggle all day long! Let me know what happens! By the way, you may notice that weight and age is not a factor in my world, because we bring the total package from within! Work it girl.


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