Hey Rosie!
June 13, 2008
Why isn’t my son more popular?

Hey Rosie,

My son seems to be the odd man out in secondary school. He’s creative, gets good grades, is good looking, has a great sense of humour and gets along with the teachers.{{more}} However, he doesn’t have the same relationship with his fellow students. I think he is not popular because he likes to speak up if he thinks that something is wrong, and he roots for the underdog. He is, therefore, extremely unpopular among his peers. They tease him and call him names, which makes him pull away completely! I tell him that he is doing the right thing, but it hurts me that he is not readily accepted by the other students.

Concerned Mother

Dear Concerned Mother,

I know how you feel, having experienced this with my daughter. She, like your son, is very stubborn about doing the right thing! What a blessing that is! Simply put, your son is a leader not a follower. However, like you it breaks my heart that she is being teased for doing the right things.

We must always keep encouraging our children to take the “high road”, no matter how difficult it is. Explain to him that this is a small moment in his life and shortly he will see how making the right choices will benefit him. With regard to the teasing, I would have a meeting with his teachers, maybe to figure out a way to address this problem at school. Does he have friends outside of school? Maybe additional activities will help him form other life long relationships. The great thing that I see is that you are very much involved in your son’s life and your door is open to him. Always remind him of that. Keep up the good work!


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