Hey Rosie!
May 30, 2008
Cheating boyfriend, deadbeat dad!

Hey Rosie,

I was in a relationship with this man for two years and have a one-year-old child for him. During that time, he has fooled around with numerous women; the most recent being a married woman whom her husband has since put away and divorced. He wanted to have me and the other women, but I felt that I had enough and did not wish to be part of that mess anymore.{{more}} I told him I was finished and several times he said to me that I cannot leave him and I if he catches me with any other man I would see.

Since he realised that I was serious, he has been neglecting his child in every way. I’ve had enough. This man has put me through too much and has proven to be ungrateful and doesn’t want anything good. Oftentimes when I call him, he would give his women his phone to answer. He has even given all these women my phone number to call and harass me, it seems. And you know something, he bad talks all his women with each other; even sharing their personal and private life. It seems as though he cannot change. Everyone in the community and elsewhere does not have anything good to say about him.

The woman he has now is accustomed to fooling around all for the sake of money.

Did I make the right decision? Should I ever speak to that man again? What about the child? Is it fair and right for her to be treated that way?

Thank you.



Did you make the right decision? My friend, you’ve made me so proud by making the right decision! This man is not a nice human being. You are the smart one here. You recognized quickly that he was not good for you, cut your losses and left. I’m sorry for the other women who are happy to be caught up in his drama!

Now let’s discuss your precious daughter. I think it is safe to say that at this time this man is not the best example to have around your daughter and it should remain that way. I am all for separated parents being co-parents and I’ve seen it done successfully, but not this time. He will be showing her, by example, the ultimate way that a woman can be disrespected by a man. Just make sure that he is supporting her financially. Pay a visit to the Family Affairs Division in the Ministry of National Mobilization and they will give you information about the legal process to secure that. She deserves no less from both parents.

VERY BITTER, I would like to rename you TRULY ENLIGHTENED! You are very smart woman, a great example for others to follow, and I’m sure a wonderful parent to your daughter. Stop looking back. That is the past. Give yourself a hard look in the mirror and realize your own beauty and self worth. Drop the dead weight and move on with your head held high. Simply “DO YOU!” All the best, and keep up the good work!


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