Hey Rosie!
May 16, 2008
Creepy father-in-law: what should I do?

I’m having a massive problem with my father-in-law. My husband and I are living with our in laws until we get on our feet (it can’t be soon enough!). However, I’ve noticed that my father-in-law has been flirting with me when no one is looking! He has gone so far as to touch me on my behind!{{more}} If my husband finds out, he will want to kill his father! Please help me address this before this blows up into world war 3! I’ve never done anything to encourage this and REALLY would like this creep to stop!

Thank you,
Wanting this to stop!

Dear Wanting this to stop,

I feel for you. As young people living with your parents/in-laws you should feel safe in your environment. However, this is not the case. So you need a third party, such as a pastor or counselor to help you approach your husband first with regard to your nightmare. After having open and honest dialog and coming to a united resolution, the three of you must then approach your father-in-law privately and have an intervention with regard to his behavior. When you father-in-law sees the united front that you and your husband are taking, I suspect strongly his embarrassment will force him to stop this immediately! Please notice that I keep using the phrase “united” it is unbeatable. Open and honest dialog with your spouse is so important no matter what the issue. With that, there is nothing that you would not be able to achieve and solve together. Also my friend, it is time for you to move out! Sometimes it is best to be on your own in a humble setting and build from there. All the best, it will work out.

Keep the faith,

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