How to Stay Safe After Being Vaccinated
Health Wise
November 9, 2021
How to Stay Safe After Being Vaccinated

One question that people who are vaccinated ask is, how they can remain safe. Even if you are vaccinated, there is still the possibility of contracting or spreading the virus. Although this risk is significantly reduced, people who are vaccinated should continue to ensure that they remain safe.

If you received a two-shot vaccine, you must wait two weeks after your second shot to build up sufficient immunity against the virus. If you got a vaccine that only needs one shot, you must also wait for two weeks after your shot before you are almost fully protected.

Experts do not know how long the vaccine will protect you from COVID-19 or the rate that you can still spread COVID-19 to others after being vaccinated. After getting the vaccine, continue to wear a mask to protect yourself and others around you. Wearing a mask is harmless and it does more good than harm. It is also important that you practice social distancing, because we do not know most time who has the virus. Maintaining social distance as much as possible will be the best bet.

As much as possible, avoid large crowds. National public health authorities have established guidelines for the gathering of people. This allows for people to gather at a reduced risk to ensure that we can go on with life. It is important that you respect these guidelines to mitigate any outbreaks.

A very simple but useful strategy is to wash your hands frequently. It must be noted that washing of the hands should not be done just for COVID-19. It is a hygienic practice that can prevent the spread of many diseases. Hand washing should be done thoroughly using soap and water for at least 20 seconds. This is not just merely wetting your hands as this will only spread the germs. Hands should be washed under running water. If water is not available, then the use of approved hand sanitizers is recommended.

Remember to disinfect high touch areas such as doorknobs, frequently used handles, and surfaces such as keyboards and telephones.

When travelling, check with your airline and local health officials where you are going to see if you need to get tested, or stay away from others before you can move around on arrival. Some countries may require you to be in quarantine. You may also need to get tested no more than three days before you travel. After your trip, ensure that you adhere to the safety measures and the national recommendations.