Speak for yourself, I get a regular pedicure!
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October 20, 2006

Speak for yourself, I get a regular pedicure!

by Randa P Velox

“Who, me? Pedicure? Not me, I’m a man! Men don’t deal with things like that!”

These words are very common around here. Intimidation has also played a role in soliciting these reactions from some men. However, I believe from my experience and knowledge, that most men are willing to have a pedicure, and some have already done so.

Health and beauty experts have recognized a growing trend in men who are discovering beauty services such as manicure, pedicure, facial and body massages. This trend has developed into a billion dollar industry. {{more}} Statistics show that men in the United States are spending over $4 billion a year on grooming products including men’s hair colouring. Men realize the importance of looking and feeling good and are taking pro-active steps in that direction. In today’s image conscious society, men of all ages are doing everything they can to maintain youthful energy and stay on top of their game.



Grooming is essential for both men and women; Today’s men are presenting their well-groomed persona in a bold and beautiful way to the public. For well dressed professional or weekend casual men, a shave or a haircut had always been a necessity. Now, It’s all about “self packaging” which starts from the head to toes including, a regular visit to the salon for a manicure and pedicure.

Beauty services were previously in the realm of women but the demand for male grooming products has led to the creation of this growing industry. Gone are the days when the entire line of men’s health and beauty care was a small section on a store shelf. Back then, the typical items in the men’ section were deodorants, shaving cream, razors, aftershave gels, lotions and cologne. Things are different now. Attitudes are changing; men no longer are considered effeminate or self- indulgent. They too are at the beauty counter in department stores buying and comparing skin care products that are designed exclusively for men such as facial cleanser, mask, wrinkle cream and skin toner. The fountain of youth does not come in a bottle; however, we all need a little help to fight off the ravages of time. These products are not only enhancers for our skins; they are packed with ingredients to maintain healthy and radiant skin tone.


There is nothing complicated for a man getting a pedicure;

It has become the norm in most society. The procedure is often referred to as a cosmetic care of the feet and toenails, or a manicure of the feet plus health maintenance. The benefits of having a pedicure are, it helps to prevent nail diseases or nail disorders and,

it also makes your feet look and feel good.

A pedicure takes about 45 minutes in a salon. After an evaluation has been completed on your feet, they are immersed into a warm water foot bath, your toe nails are trimmed, cleaned, cuticles speared, protein oil rubbed on toes to restore luster; callouses pumiced to remove rough skin, feet massaged and a natural nail hardener with

protein applied on nails complete the pedicure.

It is painless, soothing and relaxing. Nowadays, it’s easy to spot a man who gets a regular pedicure and manicure. Every man should maintain his entire self, not just with a wash and cologne. A well-groomed man exudes signs of success, strength, self-confidence and good health. Overall, he portrays a strong presence. The new age woman prefers a groomed man; both man and woman actually pay attention because: He

looks good.

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