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July 21, 2006
Worldwide patent awarded for Seven Seas Ocean Gold


Over the last 70 years, the world in which we live has seen many changes, no more so than the growing concern for what we are putting into our bodies. In fact it’s true to say that today, nature sometimes needs a little help.{{more}}

Seven Seas Sails High with Ocean Gold

Seven Seas has been firmly established for over 70 years and throughout these years has been committed in providing good health naturally through continual investment in research and purification processes. This has led to the development of the most sophisticated purification processes in the world for making Cod Liver Oil, the Ocean Gold process – which has been highly recognised and has recently been awarded a worldwide patent.

The Science

The term “Ocean Gold process” refers to the processing of Cod Liver Oils and fish oils utilising Seven Seas in-house oil refining capabilities. The Ocean Gold purification process is patented and unique to Seven Seas. It gently removes unwanted odours, tastes, colour and small traces of environmental contaminants from the unprocessed oil before it is made into Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil. The process not only cleans the oil but also guarantees its vitamin content.

Look for the Ocean Gold

Only Seven Seas Pure and natural Cod Liver Oil is ultra purified using the unique Ocean Gold method, to consistently guarantee that Seven Seas products are the purest on the market because we know that sometimes nature needs a little help!