What to consider when getting a pedicure
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May 12, 2006
What to consider when getting a pedicure

by Randa Velox

The first thing that comes to mind is cost. Many incoming calls at a nail salon are from people inquiring about prices. Pedicure prices varys depending on the services rendered. A basic pedicure costs $35 and additional services such as a paraffin bath (heated wax with moisturizing and softening properties for the skin), or a seaweed wrap are available for $5-$10.{{more}}

A basic pedicure usually takes 45 minutes and includes: a foot soak, toe nails trimmed and shaped, cuticles trimmed, callous pumiced, a foot massage and finally the option of having the toe nails painted in a wide variety of colours including natural, a favorite choice for men. The whole idea is to make the feet look as healthy and attractive as possible.

Many people hide their feet in sneakers or loafers that cover most of the foot. Others show their feet in thongs or sandals. (Notice those who show their feet on occasion and those who don’t; the don’ts may need a pedicure badly.)

Another point to consider when getting a pedicure is, what to wear? Open toed shoes make it easier to slip your feet in after a pedicure. Most salons provide pedicure slippers for a small fee. Short-shorts or short skirts could be problematic since the legs are elevated to do the work. Pants or skirts that are easily rolled up are probably the best option.

Finally, you are guaranteed to feel good. A pampering gift you give yourself; a payback to your feet for the hard work they endure. Your feet will take care of you if you take care of them. Healthy toe nails start with regular pedicures on a bi-weekly basis.





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