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May 12, 2006
Top 10 morning sickness tips

• 1: Take two crackers…

Two crackers before your head leaves the pillow is old but wise advice.

• 2: Think Small

Smaller frequent meals can also help keep an ailing belly at bay.

• 3: Avoidance{{more}}

Avoid foods and smells that seem to trigger nausea. Sometimes this will be nearly every food or every smell.

• 4: Blood Sugar

Eat something high in protein before going to bed. Helps your blood sugar stay more level.

• 5: A Cookie a Day…

Ginger, teas, cookies, even the spice can be helpful in preventing nausea.

• 6: Ice, Ice, Baby

Have sips of ice water as the urge to purge strikes. Many women say that this helps them keep meals down as well.

• 7: Pressure

Acupressure bands can be worn like bracelets and can curb nausea while you wear them. But be forewarned as one mom says, stand next to a bucket when you take them off!

• 8: Great Breath

Peppermint, either smelling it in aromatherapy form or sipping the tea can help curb nausea. It’s also known to help with sagging energy levels.

• 9: Relax

Take a deep breath. It might be mind over matter sometimes.

• 10: Comfort Food

Eat what you can, if it stays down it is probably a good thing. Slowly add more foods to your diet as possible.