Full Disclosure
September 30, 2005
Productivity, efficiency for a developing people

History has recorded Public Service Week 2005 as a tremendous success.

The theme “Productivity and Efficiency For A Developing People” could not have been more timely, and particularly so, for a nation on a path of economic and social advancement.{{more}}

A reality which we must face, is that our local circumstances within our blessed isle can be defined by a number of restraints, namely, a population and labour force which is comparatively small and relatively migratory, and a geographical make up which has the potential to act as a restrictive element to development both agriculturally, and as it relates to infrastructural expansion.

Therefore, as a developing small island state with a Private sector whose propensity to save far out weighs its urge to reinvest, what we are left with is the human capital within the Public Service which then must be treated as an issue of first importance.

The definite way forward as has been adopted in Policy and implemented by the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is to improve the skills and expertise of Public servants whose job descriptions when seen collectively must be referred to as the engine which drives this nation forward.

The training of workers within the Public Service at all levels has been highlighted as the guiding principle throughout the present Education thrust, which is a definite step in the right direction.

One idea for thought however, which presents itself today, is the need to promote long-distance learning packages in order to prevent a few disruptions in the Public Service which is the inevitable result of overseas training of Public Servants on a large scale.

Nonetheless, whilst on the one hand, it is the government’s aim to promote at great lengths the improvement of the skills of its workers which is the modern and more prudent thing to do, it is still a plausible view that training without more cannot facilitate development.

The Public servant has an integral role to play, which must be supported by his or her inner spirit to join the cause enshrined in the developmental process. In order to progress, each public worker must adopt and carefully blend the training which we have been provided with by the Government, with a work ethic which fosters productivity and efficiency.

A trained worker who has not been able to integrate his training with a spirit to improve his or her personal efficiency is more a liability than an asset to the State. What good is it to have an ACCA certified individual or a trained medical doctor, lawyer or teacher as the case may be, within the Public Service who does not respect the fact that he should be punctual, prepared and proficient in the execution of his or her daily chores?

As our nation develops the demand for specialized skills and services would increase proportionally, so too would there be the need for an evolution of a work ethic which fosters productivity.

Can you imagine an international airport where the staff members to man the day to day activities are out of touch with the paste of the International world?

It is in this regard that we must consider the words of the Proverb which speaks to considering the ways of the ant and being wise. In so doing, we must remove our ever steady gaze on the clock for the lunch hour or for the 4:15 p.m. departure time.

Really now, adopting the proper work ethic as a Public Servant is simply being patriotic.

If the embodiments of the Public Service remain resolute in their commitment to build this country, there is no doubt that provided that all remains equal, that by 2020 this country would have set itself on a stage whereon we would in no justifiable way be categorized as a less developing nation within the Caribbean Sub-region. However, to achieve such, we must be steadfast in our building, committed to achieving a common end, which is the betterment of all citizens and the progression of our nation as a whole.

Public Service Week 2005 is now history. It was a definite illustration of the potential bounded up within the Public Sector. The week concluded with the grand finale at Club Iguana, at the much talked about Public Service Ambassador show which had as its objective to showcase the talent and brilliance of individuals within the different Ministries, and to extend the camaraderie.

This was most definitely achieved. As Public workers let efficiency be our ever guiding light.