Darius placed second in CPEA
Darius Humphrey
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June 25, 2024

Darius placed second in CPEA

Although Darius Humphrey missed a term and a half of schooling leading up to the 2024 Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) examinations, he still managed to place second overall and second for boys.

The Sugar Mill Academy student, the son of Shernette Richards and Dwayne Humphrey, said he had to travel to the USA with his mother for a period of time when he was in grade five but he never stopped his preparations for the examinations.

“…I kept working, and I kept pushing. I made sure every single day I would look over my notes, and my mother would put a structure in place for me to do my work,” the youngster told SEARCHLIGHT.

“My grandmother would always make sure that there’s a study area, or a space for me to work and that I will be comfortable and I will be able to be successful.”

Darius had an overall score of 488 out of 500, with 72 out of 75 for language, 70 out of 75 for mathematics, 74 out of 75 for science and 72 out of 75 for social studies.

“I had good expectations for myself, and I knew all things are possible through Christ, but I was praying for everything to go well…I didn’t think that I would place top three,” Darius also told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday, June 24.

He said he was in his bedroom when he heard his results and he started to jump, scream, and celebrate Darius will enter the Saint Vincent Grammar School (SVGS) when the new school term begins in September. He shared that he decided on that school because the principal, Colin Sam, is a God-fearing person who goes to the Highpoint Church which he also attends.

The articulate student said he has his eyes set on a career in law as he believes in justice.

Asked about the recipe for success, Darius said he pursued extracurricular activities – squash and karate, and he advises students to trust in God.

“I cannot give any credit to myself, because God has blessed me with the talents and the discipline to complete my studies,” he said, while thanking his parents; his grandmother, Agatha Richards; teachers; and coaches.

Darius is encouraging students to look at learning from a different perspective, not just attending school.

“… a lot of people…they come to school right…everyone would say, school again? but I used to be excited…and I used to try to get my peers to look at school in a different way, you’re learning something every day and school is a place to enhance your knowledge. So, look at learning in a fun, positive perspective and just be happy, don’t pressure yourself to do anything. Just be happy and you will be successful.”

Darius’s mother said she is impressed with her son’s performance given he missed some schooling in Grade Five, and her health issues made it so that Darius had to pursue the work on his own.

“…to move from working on his own for about a term and a half and to excel into the top three, I think that is just incredible. It’s quite remarkable. I think it’s also a reflection of the discipline” he has.