Colour, music, and excitement mark Barrouallie Schools career day
Students with an interest in Culinary Arts being taught in cake making.
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June 11, 2024

Colour, music, and excitement mark Barrouallie Schools career day

By: Jada Chambers

The leeward fishing town of Barrouallie was paraded by students of the Barrouallie Government School (BGS) and the Barrouallie Anglican School (BAS), who showcased their desired profession with a march and fair.

On Wednesday June 5, 2024, as the schools staged their career day there were firefighters, athletes, doctors, teachers, law enforcers, pilots, flight attendants, construction workers, culinary workers, and artists on parade through the streets of Barrouallie, with the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force Band escorting them with music.

Students that went the route of law enforcement officers pose with Constable #693 Peters; Corporal #1003 Munroe; and Corporal #832 Spencer in a classroom.

The compounds of both Primary Schools were neatly arrayed with booths, where children from similar fields congregated into groups and gained insights into their desired professions under the leadership of students from the Barrouallie Technical Institute.

Footballers competed in a friendly match on the B.G.S Hard Court, while aspiring chefs learned the intricacies of designing a cake. There were booths for ceramic artists, teachers, and aestheticians, among others. In the midst of these activities a wailing sound drowned out the excitement as an ‘ambulance’ rushed three students to a classroom (hospital).

They were a concussed boy, a patient with a broken limb, and a bawling child with bruises about his body.

Health care team deals with an ‘emergency’

The ‘ambulance’ was actually a minivan with the word “AMBULANCE” taped to it. The bawling child was splattered with red paint, and the concussed patient and the child with the broken limb were pretending to be half dead; but the medical practitioners in that classroom were real, and they gave the students, who were dressed in lab coats and wearing their stethoscopes, a demonstration of how doctors treat patients in times of emergency. While these events were being addressed, children, dressed in the uniform of the Rapid Response Unit, the Coast Guard Service, the Special Service Unit and other units within the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force were greeted by police officers from the Barrouallie Police Station.

Eruptions of laughter and cheer rang from a classroom at the BAS, where Constable #693 Peters; Corporal #1003 Munroe; and Corporal #832 Spencer gave a dramatisation on what is required to nab a criminal, this time, a phone thief.
“It was really awesome. It was exciting. It was great. It was just marvellous seeing the children engaged in the particular areas that they like and seeing the live demonstration. I think it really brought joy to my own heart,” Guidance Counsellor and host of the BGS and BAS career day activities, Deon Fraser told SEARCHLIGHT, as the activities were coming to an end.

Fraser said it is good to show the children that they have a future and their future can be bright.

‘Career’ footballers get ready to take to the field for a friendly match

“…If they know exactly what they want at an early age, they can start working at it, “ she said.

Fraser added that the future of Barrouallie also looks bright and she hopes the students really channel their energy into their desired fields and make their town and country proud.