New Grounds Primary School student tops in Mathematics Quiz
Mason Willaims (centre) accompanied by his teacher (left) and local representative of competition sponsor- Byron Williams
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May 24, 2024

New Grounds Primary School student tops in Mathematics Quiz

Mason Williams of the New Grounds Primary School became the 2024 Mathematics champion in the primary school’s maths quiz on Wednesday May 22, 2024, at the UWI Global Campus, Richmond Hill.

Williams, with 68 points, outshone the other eight competitors in the competition. Second place went to T-Jay Audain of the Dickson Methodist School with 56 points, and Kara Farrell of the Kingstown Preparatory School with 54 points, placed third.

T-Jay Audain

William received a HP laptop computer; Audain received a Samsung Galaxy tablet; and Farrell received a Samsung A14 smartphone.

Byron Wilson, the local representative from the competition’s sponsor, Hodder Education, in his remarks told the participating students what “when we provide these smart devices, we should not make the devices smarter than us…when teachers give homework, instead of trying to work it, you ask google…the funny thing is that, google is not going in the exam room”.

Wilson urged the students to use their math skills to develop an understanding so that they can apply that to solve problems, “problems which are all around us”.

He sketched the importance of mathematics and its application in the daily lives of students using the Value Added Tax(VAT) seen on receipts.

“What do we understand? What does that mean? Could you calculate how much it would’ve been if it didn’t have VAT?”

Referencing other scenarios to further emphasise the value of maths Byron said, “Whenever you learn math in the classroom, it should not stay in the classroom, it must the applied to real life”.

He said though resources may be scarce, he is always honoured to host the competition because “we believe that there is some benefit to come in the future; the children will benefit”.

Remarking on the longevity of the competition, Byron said, “It shows that we are committed to the development of the human resources in St Vincent and the Grenadines and in particular, the young ones”.

Kara Farrell

The competition was done in three rounds. The first was the short answer round where students only had 55 seconds to answer each question. This carried a total of 30 points. The second round was the challenge round where the students were given the question, and five minutes to think how they will answer it. Fifteen minutes were allotted for the students to work and answer the questions. This round carried a total of 32 points. In the final round which was the speed round, the students were given 65 seconds to answer as many questions as they could, and bonus points were awarded for every five rounds the student advanced. This round carried a total of 38 points.

Representative from the Ministry of Education, Aldia Gumbs-Dyer gave brief remarks, and noted that in the initial stage of the competition, it was seen as a way for the children to showcase their versatility in mathematics, but now the competition has evolved to a point where the students are making good use of the many skills that are involved in mathematics.

Dyer expressed her hope to see more students taking part in the competition, as well as support from teachers.

She congratulated the students on making it past the preliminary stage, telling the finalists that they are all winners as they are now seen as top math students.

“Sure, some will walk away with a little more than others, but we are here to support you all.”

The finalists of the 2024 completion were: Kenya Lavia of the Sion Hill Government School; Dimarion Williams of the Lower Bay Inc, Bequia; Jase Thomas of the CW Prescod Primary School; Michael Bascombe of the Questelles Government School; K’Nia Findlay of the Belair Government School; Isreal Lotmore of the Lowmans Leeward Anglican School; Kara Farrell of the Kingstown Preparatory school; T-Jay Audain of the Dickson Methodist School; and Mason Williams of the New Grounds Primary school. All nine finalists received trophies and school supplies provided by Hodder Education.