Bradshaw lands Fisherman of the Year title for 2024
Reuben Bradshaw (centre) along with the other members of his crew at the prize-giving ceremony on Monday May 20, 2024 at the Calliaqua Playing Field (photo by Robertson S Henry)
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May 24, 2024

Bradshaw lands Fisherman of the Year title for 2024

Reuben Bradshaw fished his way to the Fisherman of the Year 2024 title with the heaviest catch of 357.75 pounds, when the results of the 2024 Fisherman’s Day competition were made at the prize-giving ceremony on Monday afternoon, May 20, 2024, at the Calliaqua Playing Field. Bradshaw also returned the largest number of heads of fish-81, captaining the boat Aquaholic.

He told SEARCHLIGHT the experience was a good one as each day one learns something new, and “It was a little stressful this morning because it started out slow, but when it picked up it wasn’t too bad at all”.

Bradshaw has been a fisherman for 11 years, and was quite pleased that he and his crew were able to land the top prize.

He said after experiencing some issues last year, which he chose not to mention, he was contemplating giving up fishing altogether although it is something he loves, but he relented.

“The crew always say, ‘well cap, make sure we enter this year because you never know what could happen’.”

Sean Salman and Marcel Mascal are the other members of the crew which took home the top prize.

Captaining the boat ‘Good to Go’, Deron Alexander landed the second heaviest catch of 323.40 pounds. He also landed the second largest number of fish– 64 heads. The third largest number of fish, 37 heads, was landed by Bradley Ashton. Captaining the boat ‘Baby Wuk It Up’ he also landed the third heaviest catch of 180.75 pounds, and the heaviest shark, weighing 5.05 pounds.

Javid Mascoll captaining the boat ‘Concious Family’ landed the second heaviest single fish of 15.65 pounds, while Bradley Ashton and Asha Edwards each was awarded for landing the third heaviest single fish weighing 13.20 pounds.