VINLEC pole burns in bush fire
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April 12, 2024

VINLEC pole burns in bush fire

Last, Wednesday, April 10, 2024 a bush fire in the Harmony Hall area resulted in a utility pole catching fire. VINLEC’s Emergency team was dispatched to address the situation, which required that the pole be replaced and utility lines transferred, due to the severity of the damage. The response team spent approximately four hours from after 6:00 p.m yesterday to carry out necessary works, a release from the Company states.

VINLEC pointed out in its release that fires ignited in dry conditions have the potential to pose significant threat to nearby infrastructure, including utility poles. It said this is the third instance recorded by the Company this year, in which poles have caught fire as a result of bush fires being lit.

When utility poles catch fire, they become compromised, leading to potential risks such as downed power lines, which is both a physical and electrical hazard, and power outages, the Company has stressed. It is imperative that individuals refrain from lighting fires, especially in dry areas and particularly near utility poles.

The fire started on an unoccupied,overgrown plot of sloping land in Revierre and with the help of the wind, made its way in quick time up the slope coiling around the VINLEC pole. A few embers were still smouldering on Thursday evening. VINLEC said it is urging all residents to exercise extreme caution and responsibility and if they witness a utility pole on fire, “please call or Whatsapp, VINLEC’s 24-hour Emergency Line at 1784 – 456-1540 to report matter promptly”.