Last known whereabouts of murdered teen still a mystery
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March 28, 2024
Last known whereabouts of murdered teen still a mystery

The question as to the whereabouts of 17-year-old Kemeisha Haynes from the day she was last seen by family, to when her body was discovered on farmlands, is a mystery that relatives and criminal investigators are trying to piece together.

The only detail of her death that has so far been confirmed is the cause of death, which police say was as a result of strangulation. The information came out of an autopsy performed on Tuesday March, 26, 2024, two days after her body was found.

While the circumstances which led to the death of the Murray’s Village resident are still under heavy speculation, sources close to the teen told SEARCHLIGHT that Kemeisha left her home on the evening of Friday, March, 22, 2024. They also said that she was heard arguing with someone who was presumed to be a male earlier that day but were unable to say definitively if the person was intimately known to the teen.

The news of the teen’s death began to circulate in the early hours of Sunday March, 24,2024, after security personnel charged with guarding the surrounding lands discovered her body on an embankment along the Whym Road which connects Belmont to Fair Hall.

The body was dressed in short jeans and a tank top and was lying face down in waist-high bushes. It was a wall structure parallel to the embankment which most likely prevented Kemeisha’s body from rolling further downhill into denser bush.

A farmer,who was at the time working in the lands a short distance away and was alerted by the security about the presence of the