Vincentians enrolled in  British military involved in brawl at UK party
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March 15, 2024
Vincentians enrolled in British military involved in brawl at UK party

Vincentians enrolled in the British military are once again at the forefront of negative publicity after a fight during a Vincentian promoted party event in Portsmouth, United Kingdom (UK) over the weekend.

The privately promoted event, which featured a popular local disc jockey, erupted in violence sometime after 3:00 a.m. on Sunday March,10, 2024 and saw several persons being taken to hospital, including those involved in the brawl, some of them soldiers.

Reports are that a Vincentian man from the Kingstown area who has just enrolled in the army was involved in a fight with a group of soldiers who are from the Georgetown area in St Vincent referred to by the moniker “the choppers”.

The men are from different regiments, and it is unclear what started the vicious brawl, but persons are claiming that it had something to do with the Kingstown soldier unintentionally stepping on the shoe or brushing against of one of the Georgetown men after which words were exchanged.

The Kingstown man is said to have been outnumbered one to eight, but fought with the men, sending at least one of them to hospital with facial wounds, he himself having sustained injuries to his head, face and fingers.

Several persons not involved in the fight also sustained injuries from the numerous bottles that were thrown during the skirmish.

Police were called to the Surrey Street Bar after the brawl, and it was noted by an online publication that, “officers have been conducting enquiries today (Sunday) into the exact circumstances of the incident” and, “are keen to hear from anyone who was at the party.”

One person is said to have been detained on Monday.

Social media and the airwaves were abuzz on Monday with many saying the incident was uncalled for, while some stressed that it could have been avoided.

One person claimed that “the choppers” are known for causing disturbances at events and this is the third incident in the UK in which the group has been involved.

A man told HOT 97.1 FM’s AM Mayhem morning show on Monday that “the choppers” were involved in an incident on a boat ride he attended last year in SVG.

Over the years, Vincentians in the British army have been involved in serious crimes, among them illegal firearm possession, wounding with intent, and sexual assault among others.

In 2022, Vincentians serving in the British Armed Forces turned up before the law courts both at home and in England facing serious criminal charges. Among them was an army instructor.

On January, 18, 2022, the reported that Vincentian Bombardier Elan Joseph, a British Army instructor was dismissed from the armed forces and given an 18-month community order.

Joseph, said to be from the Central Kingstown area was before the courts on 13 charges relating to five female recruits. He later pleaded guilty to nine charges of contravening standing orders and prejudicial conduct. A court martial cleared him of one charge of sexual assault.