Grenadians make obscene gestures, hide faces at deportation sentencing
From Left: Atiba Stanislaus under armed police guard outside the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court , Ron Mitchell and Trevorn Robertson
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March 5, 2024
Grenadians make obscene gestures, hide faces at deportation sentencing

A Grenadian who is suspected of murdering a US couple flaunted his middle finger at the media after a deportation order was made against him and his alleged partners in crime.

Atiba Stanislaus, 33 stuck out his middle finger at members of the media yesterday, March 4, 2024, as he and two other Grenadians were being taken back to prison having been sentenced on Immigration violation charges.

GRENADIAN Atiba Stanislaus gives the middle finger to the media after leaving the courthouse.

Stanislaus; Ron Mitchell, 30; and Trevon Robertson, 25; had appeared at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court before Senior Magistrate Colin John last Monday February 26, 2024, where they pleaded guilty that on February 21, 2024 at Petit Bordel, they illegally entered St Vincent and the Grenadines by boat and disembarked without the consent of an immigration officer; entered same state without a passport; entered same state at a point other than an official port of entry; and landed in same state as a prohibited immigrant.

The men were then remanded into custody and reappeared in court on March, 4, 2024 for facts and sentencing.

The facts read that on Wednesday February,21, 2024, Cpl 615 Williams who is attached to the Rapid Response Unit (RRU), headed a party of Rapid Response and Narcotics personnel on duty about the North Western Division, while acting on information received.

Upon arriving in Petit Bordel in the vicinity of the beach along the shore line, the officers observed a dingy about 20 feet away from a grey Yamaha outboard engine.

While on the beach, Sergeant 6 Alexander from the Crime Scene Unit, and Sergeant 563 Primus from the Major Crimes Unit arrived on a Coast Guard vessel and dealt with the scene, then left in search of the men.

When the officers got to Spring Village, Corporal Williams received a phone call. As a result, the officers turned back, headed to Petit Bordel, and arrived at a green two storey concrete dwelling house on the beach.

A male dressed in a black short pants was found lying face down on the ground at the back of the house. Corporal Williams approached him with the party of men.

The officers identified themselves and informed the man of their duties while attempting to place handcuffs on his hand. The man then leaped for Corporal Smith’s firearm to take it from him and was shot in the process.

He was taken to the Chateaubelair Smart Hospital. A further search was carried out in the area and the other two suspects were found hiding in the bushes.

The men told the police that they arrived in SVG by a yacht which was captained by Mitchell, and arrived in Cumberland where they disembarked the yacht. They then took the dingy from the yacht, and went to Petit Bordel.

They also admitted that they did not clear with any authorities upon entering SVG. As a result, the men were arrested and taken to the Central Police Station where they were handed over to Immigration authorities.

The men were interviewed and cautioned by Immigration officers Harry and Byron. Mitchell and Stanislaus gave a statement, but Robertson declined to give one. The offences were pointed out to them.

All ports of entry were checked and no records of the Grenadians entering the State were found. The men were arrested as a result.

Prosecutor, Corlene Samuel, informed the court that Robertson had no previous convictions. Stanislaus has 10 previous convictions, his last conviction being in 2019. These convictions consist of several housebreaking and theft offences, and one offence of causing harm.

Mitchell currently has nine previous convictions. His last conviction was in 2018. These convictions consist of a series of house breaking offences and thefts, throwing stones, assault, and damage to property.

When the Senior Magistrate asked Stanislaus if he had any comments to make about the facts that were read, he remained silent.

Trevon Robertson responded “I good”, to the Senior Magistrate when asked if he had anything to say about the facts that were read.

“I never wrestle with no officer anuh. The officer throw me on the ground and just shoot me on me foot, you understand? I never wrestle with no police, you understand?” Mitchell answered the Senior Magistrate when it was his turn to respond to the facts.

Senior Magistrate John told the young man that he had already received medical attention.

The Magistrate ordered that the men be deported from St Vincent and the Grenadines to their homeland, Grenada. He also ordered that the men be detained until such time.

Stanislaus then asked John how long it would take before they are deported. John replied that the authorities will decide that, but it will be “as soon as practical.”

When the men were leaving the Magistrate’s court in handcuffs, they were escorted by police officers from the RRU carrying firearms.

Mitchell used his shirt to hide his face. Robertson concealed his face using a leaflet; while Stanislaus covered his face with his hands, then flaunted a middle finger at members of the media.