Man shot on the day he planned to attend his friend’s funeral
Person trying to help Homer as he lay on the ground outside the pharmacy in Arnos Vale.
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February 23, 2024
Man shot on the day he planned to attend his friend’s funeral

by Eldonté Samuel

A man who was shot outside Roy’s Pharmacy in Arnos Vale on Saturday February 17, 2024 had plans to attend his friend’s funeral that day.

Kendol Homer told SEARCHLIGHT that he was doing some last minute shopping in preparation for the funeral of his friend Jenson ‘Aubrey’ Hamilton of Gibson Corner who was shot and killed on Friday February, 2, 2024.

Kendol Homer says that he was shot eight times in both of his legs and his private parts.

The 52 year old from Mesopotamia said that up to Wednesday February 21, 2024 it was still unclear to him the reason he had been shot. Homer said he went to the pharmacy to purchase a few supplies and as he was entering the store, a young man approached him, asking him to leave. Homer said that the situation escalated into a fight after he chose not to leave.

He told SEARCHLIGHT that after the fight, the young man left the scene and returned with a gun, shooting him eight times in both of his legs and his private parts.

Homer said that he cannot give a precise description of the person who accosted him as he was a bit hung-over from the previous night. He said as well that the multiple strikes he received to his head did not make recollection of the man’s identity any easier.

“All in me face and by me neck”, Homer said pointing to the scars he received last Saturday. “I don’t know he name, I can’t remember the man nor he face.”

Still confused about the reason why he was shot, Hamilton said “He didn’t have to shoot me cause is not to say I come with a weapon or anything”.
He said it took some time before the police arrived.

“I just thankful for life because as my sister say, it could have been my funeral they attending next,” said the Mesopotamia man whose upper legs are both heavily bandaged.

Homer told SEARCHLIGHT that he would like for persons to stop spreading rumours about the events on Saturday. He related that people are speculating that he went to the pharmacy with the intention of stealing items from the drug store.

The contractor who said he rarely makes visits to the mainland explained that he has a job to do and is anxious about getting better and returning to work.

“My plan is to go somewhere way I can live good,” he remarked from his hospital bed.

A release from the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF) states that police in the Calliaqua district responded to the incident and have opened an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

They said the alleged shooter is cooperating with the investigation. The police is appealing to anyone who has information that can assist with the investigation to contact the Calliaqua Police Station at telephone : 458-4200; Police Emergency at 911/999; or any police station or police officer with whom they are comfortable speaking.