Valentine’s Day killing leaves seven motherless
Police officers conducting investigations at the Campden Park home of murder victim Carona Jennings.
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February 16, 2024
Valentine’s Day killing leaves seven motherless

While workers from businesses at the Campden Park Industrial Estate were buying refreshments and taking a break from the stifling mid-morning heat, a horrific incident was unfolding a short distance away- one which would leave seven children without a mother.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that sometime around 10:30 a.m on Wednesday February, 14, an altercation unfolded in the yard of the family home where 27-year-old Carona Jennings lived with her partner and three of her youngest children- a toddler and two newborns. Jennings was reportedly chopped and stabbed about the body and died in the yard, while her two babies- a two-and-a-half month old boy and girl lay sleeping on the bed.

Tanisha Jennings sister of deceased speaks to others about the death of her sister.

The noise coming from the area meant that the workers would not have heard any cries for help, however one neighbour said that he heard the raised voices coming from Jennings’ yard earlier that morning.

Workers told SEARCHLIGHT the last time they saw Carona was earlier that morning when she left to take one of the children to school and they were not aware of what had transpired.

Her oldest son, aged 15, was the one who discovered her body and would later inform the workers.

The workers explained that the young man came over to the canteens asking for a phone call.

“He just come and say if anybody can give him a phone call. He ask and ask. Some say they na have no credit, but then somebody give him a call. Then he come and say ‘miss I need some help with my brother’. Then he went over and bring the baby, then he say him coming back and he went and bring the other baby- the girl. Is then we get to find out that the mother chop up dey in the yard. “

The body of Carona Jennings is being removed from the yard of her Campden Park Home where she was killed.

The workers said they believed the young man must have been in shock. Two women kept the babies settled, while law enforcement cordoned off the area to process the crime scene.

The relative who received the call from the 15-year-old was Tanisha Jennings, the victim’s younger sister.

“He say he had the two babies and he mommy over there lay down. He say Carona ah get chop up.”

Tanisha explained that the son had been instructed to go down to his mother’s home that morning to collect money to purchase pampers for the infants. It was when he entered the yard that he saw his mother’s body on the ground just outside the house.

The blood stains inside the home indicate that the altercation started while Jennings was on the bed with the infants as one baby had blood stains on its clothes. From there, the attack moved to the yard and ended by a bed of flower pots.

Information from the police is that a male suspect is in custody assisting with the investigation.