St Joseph’s Convent Kingstown stages career fair and business expo
Searchlight’s Christina Smith interacting with students in the Culture and Creativity Industry booth
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February 16, 2024
St Joseph’s Convent Kingstown stages career fair and business expo

The St Joseph’s Convent Kingstown (SJCK), in helping their students prepare for the world of work, hosted a career fair and business expo on Tuesday February, 13, 2024.

Speaking at Tuesday’s event the school’s counsellor, Josette Greaves, explained that while she was the coordinator, the event was put together by a committee of eight teachers.

She said they received positive feedback from both teachers and students.

“The students were happy for the opportunity to showcase their talent and their businesses. We had a lot of students that came forward, and we also had to a screening because some students even created a business just for the occasion but that wasn’t the objective.”

The expo was for students who already had their own established small business.

Featuring in the school’s career fair were non-traditional professions. Greaves explained that in making this decision, the team utilised the ‘John Holland model’ which proclaims that there are six personality types in the world of work- realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and unconventional.

“So we just wanted the students to see there’re more careers; there’s so much more than being a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a nurse, a police officer,” she noted.

She mentioned some challenges with timing the event in relation to other school activities explaining that students were caught up in the sports which shadowed the build up to the business expo and career fair.

“Everyone was focused on sports and making sure that their house win, so there wasn’t the big pomp and flair leading up to the career fair even though things worked out quite fine.”

Overall, the career fair was very successful in inspiring students and giving them clarity and options for their own career paths.

Graves added that the exposure to non-traditional career options opened the eyes of students who had not yet decided on a career path.

Greaves thanked the staff from the various businesses and professionals for being available on that day despite some having other engagements.

Chloe Allen, a second former of the school, told SEARCHLIGHT of her pleasure with the event, and is optimistic that it will become a staple in the school’s yearly activities.

“Convent [does] not allow vending, so the students have an opportunity now to showcase what they’re actually good at…I enjoy it, I love it, it gives the students confidence, so when they get older they will have a mindset of what they can do,” she told SEARCHLIGHT.

“We are looking forward for what it going to happen next year and, hopefully, it will be bigger”

Teacher, Stephanie Ince provided assistance in the cosmetology booth to another teacher who is a nail technician, and explained that this teacher shared details about that undertaking and the cost that comes with being a nail technician.

She shared that there was a case where a student felt discouraged in the beginning as sales were slow.

“We spoke to her and [told] her that she can’t just give up. When you start, obviously you won’t have a lot of people coming, maybe like one or two, but that would be the most.”

She said the students had already packed up the stall because she was discouraged, but after the pep talk with the teachers she reassembled her set up and this time was successful in selling all her items.

SEARCHLIGHT Newspaper was among the entities at the career fair and business expo with a booth in the category ‘Culture and Creative Industry’ within which the artistic personality falls. It and was represented by senior reporter, Christina Smith, and videographer/reporter, Eldonté Samuel.