‘Dutty Men’ under the police lens
Acting Commissioner of Police Enville Williams
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February 2, 2024
‘Dutty Men’ under the police lens

A plea from students of the South Rivers Methodist school has caused acting Commissioner of Police, Enville Williams to call out the ‘dutty men’ in our society to amend their ways.

The students from South Rivers made a passionate plea in song last Friday January 26, during a rally against sexual violence, which was held outside the Georgetown Police Station.

During the rally, the students performed the song “ dutty man”, calling on men to leave the children to grow up free from sexual violence.

They also did a chorale speech with a similar message.

When it was his turn to speak at the rally, the acting Commissioner said “ There are some hard back men among us…they dutty, and they simply want to spoil the children’s future”.

He however strongly emphasized that members of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force “will not let up on you when you spoil the children future”.

Acting Commissioner Williams appealed to young boys and girl who are being sexually violated to find someone they trust to speak to, so that the police can investigate the matter.

“We have your back,” Williams assured the youths of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The top cop also took a turn on mothers who turn a blind eye to acts of sexual abuse against their young daughters.

Although the victims may get ‘gifts’ in exchange, the commissioner called on mothers to put a stop to this.

“You need to take a hard look at what you are doing to your child.

“You need to take a hard look at what you are doing to the future of our country,” he charged.

Williams also expressed concern about the increase in sexual violence in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

“The issue of sexual violence is one that continues to baffle me.”

He said based on the daily reports at police stations across the state, “sexual offences continue to increase at an alarming rate”.

Even more concerning is that the statistics show the victims of these crimes are getting “younger and younger and younger”.

He said this trend tells us “that we have a problem that must be addressed, and must be addressed right now”.

Acting Commissioner Williams also expressed gratitude to former Police Commissioner, now Senior Magistrate Colin John,

for having the foresight

to establish the Sexual Offences Unit within the RSVGPF, with a branch at the Georgetown Police station.

He also gave the reminder that “no mean no” as far as sexual activity is concerned.

“Those among us who seek to violate unsuspecting boys and girls and even women, understand that we take the issue seriously, and we will not stop, once the victim indicates that he or she said no,” the acting commissioner warned.

The guest speaker at the event was staff nurse for the district, Sis Teckla Jack, who reminded men that they too have a voice if they are being violated sexually.

Sis Jack called on members of society not to turn a blind eye to crimes of this nature, but to report all incidents to the police.

The rally was also addressed by Pastor Shakika Fraser, and saw performances from students of other schools in the area.