Woman pleads guilty to willfully ill-treating two-year-old girl
Candace John
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January 30, 2024
Woman pleads guilty to willfully ill-treating two-year-old girl

A woman pleaded guilty in court to ill-treating a two-year-old female child who was seen in a video on social media struggling to remove pieces of fabrics that were apparently being tightened around her neck and over her face.

Candace John of Vermont appeared at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court before Senior Magistrate, Colin John on January 29, 2024 where she pleaded guilty that on January 20, 2024 at Vermont, having the charge or care of the juvenile, wilfully ill-treated her in a manner likely to cause her unnecessary suffering.

Prosecutor, Corlene Samuel said the prosecution accepts John’s guilty plea, but asked for a social inquiry report to be done on John before sentencing.

“I totally agree with my friend,” lawyer, Grant Connell said. “Facts can wait. Finally some wisdom in this place. I don’t know if now a woman is involved – another woman involved – brought some wisdom…”, Connell continued, adding that he will refrain from saying certain things.

He said that given the nature of the offence, he was also going to ask for a social inquiry report.

“We do not have all the facilities in place, but we have to work with what we have. She needs that,” Connell told the court, adding that there is no psychiatrist in the country.

He said John was able to get station bail, but the police must understand that “once they charge, it is out of their jurisdiction.”

The Senior Magistrate adjourned the matter to March 4, 2024 to give some time for the social inquiry report to be completed.

In an earlier statement, the police said that social services had removed the child from the home and placed her into protective custody where she will receive the necessary treatment and care needed.