Elderly woman wants ex-husband out of her home
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January 26, 2024
Elderly woman wants ex-husband out of her home

A retired woman in her 70s says she is fearful living in her own home with an ex-husband who broke into the home and has taken up occupancy.

“I want him to vacate my property, I am fed up of being physically abused in my own property.” The retiree who live abroad, said when she purchased the property, her ex was living with his girlfriend “So he had no rights on my property”.

The senior citizen said further that while their first three years of wedlock were good, she experienced the first instance of abuse at his hands when they divorced in 2019.

“He has physically assaulted me six times, two in my eyes, one in my back, one in my belly and recently one in my chest and my chin”.

The woman claimed that she has made several reports at the police station in her community which would result in her ex being detained but released the same day.

She alleges that her ex-husband is an alcohol and cocaine user and “goes crazy” when he indulges and resorts to stealing her belongings.

“My house is half empty. He breaking into the house; the neighbours caught him breaking into my house, I reported to the police that he has two sets of keys and up to now they cannot get the keys off him.”

The elderly woman is hoping that by making her situation public she may get further redress and some peace of mind.