Surety made to pay $10,000 after young man escapes to Grenada
Lauret John (front) aunt of the accused, Kyrol Williams (left) surety of the accused escape jail time and Jarves John (back centre) mother of the accused
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December 12, 2023
Surety made to pay $10,000 after young man escapes to Grenada

A young man who fled to Grenada while on bail, after being charged with several offences, has caused his surety to pay $10,000 and has placed his mother and aunt at risk of being imprisoned if it is found that they were complicit in his escape.

Calamity struck the relatives of Elton John, 23, on Thursday, December 7, when John’s surety and family friend, Kyrol Williams appeared at the Serious Offences Court before Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne with word that John had fled the country.

John, along with Jomallie Gill and Cavern Delplesche was jointly charged that on February 8, 2023 at Campden Park, he was involved in a case of conspiracy to robbery.

He was also charged with other criminal matters which involve a gun and ammunition.

Williams said he learnt that John escaped to the neighbouring island by way of a fishing boat, and he is unable to get in contact with him.

Browne reminded Williams that a bench warrant had been issued twice this year for John, one on June 27 and the other on November 9.

“He feel he playing slick,” Browne said, as she reprimanded Williams for not reporting John’s escape to the court at the time he was informed.

One of John’s co-defendants told the Chief Magistrate that she kept on reminding him to attend court and his response was always, “okay.”

Their lawyer, Grant Connell added that he had also made multiple attempts to get in contact with John but was unsuccessful.
Williams was apparently not aware that he would have to take the fall for John’s failure to appear in court as he had stood surety for John.

In fact, he was quite surprised to hear the Chief Magistrate tell him that he has to pay $10,000 or he will be “going away for some rest and relaxation for Christmas” in jail for three months.

“Signing surety is no joke”

“Signing surety is no joke,” Browne warned him.

However, when the Chief Magistrate learnt that John had been living with his aunt, Lauret John in Questelles, Browne ordered that she be arrested as well, as she may have been complicit in John’s escape.

While Browne was making this order, Williams was seen frantically fidgeting with his cellphone making phone call after phone call with the assistance of a police officer, for nearly an hour, in an attempt acquire the money to pay the court.

When John’s aunt was located and brought to court on the same day, she was questioned by the Chief Magistrate.

She denied knowing about John’s plan to escape, as well as where in Grenada he is residing. She also revealed that John’s mother, Jarves John lives in the same house with her and John as well.

The Chief Magistrate then ordered that the mother be arrested as well.

As for the aunt, she was ordered to be remanded into custody until the following Monday, and so she sat on the prisoner’s bench, alongside John’s surety, Williams, waiting for the arrival of a police transportation.

However, some time after court had been adjourned and minutes before the arrival of a police transport, a male appeared at the court to pay the $10,000 on Williams behalf, and so he was free to leave.

Some time after that, Lauret, who was still on the bench received word that she had been pardoned and could leave, but she must return on Friday, December 8 with John’s mother, Jarves.

When both Lauret and Jarves appeared at SOC on Friday, Lauret told the Chief Magistrate that “Elton would be on and off at home,” and that when his matter was brought before the court, she would remind him to attend.

She said that she did not even want Williams to become a surety for her son, as she herself had refused to become one.

Browne told the sisters that “if the police find that you have been complicit in aiding and abetting Elton in fleeing the country,” they will be imprisoned.

Jarves responded that she “for sure”, knows that she’s not guilty of such, and she is even unaware of the company that her son entertains.

Browne said “the court is not taking this lightly” as there has been an increase of violence amongst young men lately, and that she may find herself in a position where she is on the radio about how her son “was such a good boy.”