Joveka shot in Layou
JOVEKA GAYMES, on Male Surgical Ward at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital
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December 5, 2023
Joveka shot in Layou

The bloodletting continued in Layou over the weekend with the shooting of Joveka Gaymes, a 28-year-old labourer of the Central Leeward town.

According to a police report, at about 10:50 am on Saturday December 2, Joveka was walking through the old cemetery in “Cashville” when he was accosted by an assailant and shot multiple times about his body.

Gaymes was transported to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCHM) where he is currently being treated and is in stable condition.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited Joveka at the MCMH on Monday, he was in a nervous state and under police protection. He commented that he was shot twice, once in the left leg and once in the back.

He also told SEARCHLIGHT that he has a lot to say about what is going on in his home town, but would do so when he is cleared to leave the hospital. He said he was shot by a “red man” but did not identify his shooter.

Joveka is no stranger to the media and the law, and was shot in the mouth on May 5, 2018 and shot at, two months ago in Layou, while making his way home.

On Saturday November 18, Leon “Zacchaeus” Gaymes of Texier Road, Joveka’s brother, was shot and killed.

Before his death, Leon and Joveka were detained, questioned and released in relation to the shooting death of Tambu Patrick which took place on Sunday, November 5, 2023.

Joveka’s shooting on Saturday, December 2 was the third such incident that day and was followed by another shooting incident on Sunday, December 3.

Also shot over the weekend on Saturday December 2 were Edinboro labourers Deejay Howard, 29, and Alando Emron Guy, 35. Guy was making his way home when he was accosted by a masked man and shot. As the gunman fled the scene, he encountered Howard who he also shot. Guy died in hospital and Howard survived.

On Sunday December 3, Demron “Cheetah” Delpesche, a 31-year-old labourer was shot and killed in Belmont.