From Trench Town, Sandy Bay to top honours
Brenon Cato
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October 17, 2023

From Trench Town, Sandy Bay to top honours

A young man from Trench Town in Sandy Bay is using education to help him rise to a new level above the trenches.

When Brenon Cato graduated from the UWI Global Campus last July, he did so with First Class honours.

Cato had pursued an online B.Sc. in Accounting.

Cato, who is employed at the Revenue Office in Georgetown, was a part time UWI student.

In a brief interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Saturday, Cato said he feels elated about his recent achievement.

As a Trench Town youth, Cato admitted that there were challenges along the way.

He was however able to overcome these challenges because he was “fuelled with determination to succeed.”

“Obtaining first class honours with a GPA of 4.11 is a testimony of hard work and determination.”

Cato who is now working as a junior clerk, is hoping to become an accountant some day.

He is encouraging other youths to rise, regardless of where they are from.

“Never give up on your goals,” the Trench Town youth advised.