2023 Pink Cap Walk makes history with largest attendance
Women of all ages at the Pink Cap walk last Friday showing their support
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October 17, 2023
2023 Pink Cap Walk makes history with largest attendance

Students across the country came out in large numbers on Friday to make the annual Pink Cap Walk, hosted by the SVG Medical Association (SVGMA), the largest in the event’s history.

The walk is held every October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and took students from Heritage Square, north along Bay Street onto Higginson Street then Grenville Street, Halifax Street and back to the starting point.

Past President of the SVGMA, Dr Rosalind Ambrose said the participation numbers which were made up of primary and secondary students is estimated to be close to 400, making this year the biggest in the almost two decades since its inception.

Dr Ambrose said the SVGMA is confident that the efforts to increase awareness about breast cancer are bearing fruit and reaching women across the islands.

“I think it is going further each year, but every year you have to keep saying it, but I think the message is getting out.”

Statistics from the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) show that female breast cancer accounts for the most cancer cases in the Caribbean – 15 per cent- and is the leading cause of death among Caribbean and Latin American women.

She noted with concern the fact that there are still some women who are only getting screenings done when they notice worrying symptoms with their breasts.

“I think a little more reinforcement is always a positive approach. Some women are quite reliable, but the vast majority of people only go when something comes up. We will keep sending the message that we need to be more regular.”

The walk concluded with a rally which featured entertainment as well as messages of empowerment from stakeholders.

Representative from the Oncology Department at the Modern Medical Diagnostic Center, Sister Hamilton encouraged breast cancer victims to maintain “faith, love and courage” while on the road to recovery.