Former Footballers laud ‘Morie’s’  leadership, interpersonal relationship
Elliot “ Morie” Millington(center standing) with former teammates- Guy Lowe, Glenroy Jack, Ashley Baptiste, Dorian Phillips and Tyrone Grant
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July 28, 2023
Former Footballers laud ‘Morie’s’ leadership, interpersonal relationship

The commonalties among persons who forged a relationship with the late Elliot “ Morie” Millington was his profound leadership style and interpersonal qualities.

Millington, a former St Vincent and the Grenadines youth and senior footballer, as well as senior St Vincent and the Grenadines Football coach, died in the USA on Monday, July 17, 2023.

The 68-year-old Millington would have impacted many both in the sport of Football and other spheres of life.

Elliot “ Morie” Millington

Kenroy “ Chab- I” Francis: “ Skip” (as he was also called), was a player and coach with vision… I played alongside him as a player and he was also my coach for Sion Hill. He taught me a lot about the game and even off the field, he taught me about life and how to deal with people… Without a doubt, Morie has impacted on my life”.

Tyrone “ Fleety” Grant: “ We played together for a good while on the national team and were part of the famed 1979 team…. We both played in the midfield… He was a very good captain, I must say….

We understood each other both on and off the field … He was just someone you could relate to… It is nice that I was around and part of his life… May his soul rest in peace”.

Rawltie “ Pooms” Lowe : “ He was a good captain… I believe he was born to lead… He never talked down to players whenever they made mistakes, because he always had something positive to say to you”.

Speaking of Millington’s prowess, Lowe added, “ Morie was a general in the midfield; he played defence if there was a need and when it comes to the air, he was strong with his head”.

Seymour “ Rollit” Walrond : An emotional Walrond, who coached alongside Millington with the senior national team was terse in his response. “ Morie was a good guy, a great leader… May his soul rest in peace”.

Guy “ Chow” Lowe: “ Morie was a gentleman… He was a good human being and an excellent leader of men… We spent a lot of time together especially on Fridays and special occasions like Christmas time, while he was here in St Vincent and the Grenadines. We started playing together in 1977 and our friendship grew and lasted until the time of his death”.

Guy said that he was looking forward to be physically in the presence of Millington, but was not to be.

Millington , who was for some time battling issues with his kidneys, will be buried on Saturday, August 5, in Brooklyn, New York.