Former MP for North Windward, Peter  Ballantyne has died
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July 7, 2023
Former MP for North Windward, Peter Ballantyne has died

The constituency of North Windward has lost its first elected member of Parliament, Peter Ballantyne.

Ballantyne was elected into office in 1979 under the Milton Cato Labour Party.

During his tenure in office, 1979-1984, Ballantyne held the portfolio of Minister of Health in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Ballantyne who resided in Sandy Bay died at his home at around 7:00 a.m on Thursday July 6, after a short illness.

At the time of his death, the 79 year old Ballantyne was the senior pastor at the Sandy Bay Gospel Chapel.

Junior pastor at the church, Kendal Osment, along with other pastors and members of the church and community are mourning the death of Pastor Ballantyne.

“He was my spiritual father and he was also like a physical father to me,” pastor Osment said in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Thursday.

Osment remembered how Pastor Ballantyne took him into his home and cared for him in the 1980s.

“Our house was damaged by Hurricane Allen and he took me into his own home.”

Osment said that Pastor Ballantyne had a heart which was filled with love and compassion.

He said during Ballantyne’s stint in Parliament in 1979-1984, “he served his community and his country well.”

“A lot of people gained employment under his leadership whether or not you supported him.

“He was a fair man and a forgiving man,” Pastor Osment recalled.

Osment further revealed that Ballantyne repented of his sins and was baptized in 1971.

Three months later, he was appointed leader of the church in Sandy Bay, by Dr J.P Eustace.

Apart from his involvement in politics and the church, Ballantyne was also very community spirited and never missed an opportunity to be of service to others.

He was also a well known Justice of the Peace in Sandy Bay, and was also known as a gifted craftsman who made baskets from the ‘pingwing’ fronds.

His death has plunged the North Windward constituency into mourning, as they share fond memories of him.

Pastor Osment remembers Peter Ballantyne as “a wonderful man, a great and humble man, and someone who was always ready to forgive.”

Ballantyne is survived by his wife Clare, and five children.

During his illness, his daughter Marcena returned from the USA to be with her father.

Sadly, he passed away mere hours after she returned to her adopted homeland.