Dr Friday calls on unions to help bring down ULP
Dr Godwin Friday
Front Page
May 16, 2023

Dr Friday calls on unions to help bring down ULP

Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition in St Vincent and the Grenadines Dr Godwin Friday, has called on public sector trade unions in the country to “join with the NDP” to bring down the ULP administration.

Friday made the call during a party event which was branded as a hope rally.

The rally was held in Georgetown on Saturday, May 13 and featured several speakers and guest performers.

In soliciting the support of the trade unions on Saturday night, Friday called on the unions representing public sector workers and the police welfare to help bring about a change in government.

“We have to join together; we cannot do it alone,” he appealed.

The New Democratic Party (NDP) leader further encouraged the unions to “embrace the offer, make the New Democratic Party this vehicle of change for all of us.”

And he told public servants that they need not be afraid of losing their jobs.

“Do not let them frighten you … your job is safe,” he promised.

The Opposition leader said that as long as public servants are doing their jobs well, they have nothing to fear.

He also threw out a similar challenge to the young people of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) saying “You have the potential to change things in this country”.

“When you are motivated and when you decide to move together united, you are an unstoppable force for change,” he said.

The NDP leader said he believes the time has come for the young people to come together and bring about the change.

“We are the only vehicle now present in St Vincent and the Grenadines that can deliver. Give me a chance, and I will prove to you that we can do better.”

Confessing his love for St Vincent and the Grenadines, Friday said things here “are not what they should be.”

He said “things are not going well.”

“Our country is broken and divided; we need a new direction.”

Friday also expressed his concern about the situation on crime and violence saying “Crime and violence is out of control in this country.”

As it stands today, Friday said the homicide count is “on track to do worse than last year.”

He said an NDP government will deal with the crime situation by giving Major St Clair Leacock the task to fix it.