Relatives of baby  who died tragically asking  for prayer
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May 12, 2023

Relatives of baby who died tragically asking for prayer

Relatives of the six month old baby who died tragically in Belair on May 5, are asking for prayers to help them through this difficult period.

The grieving family members are now preparing to bid farewell to their bundle of joy.

The funeral service for Baby Kai Lotmore-Hazelwood is planned for next Wednesday, May 17 and begins at noon at the Kingstown Seventh Day Adventist Church. He will be buried at the Kingstown cemetery.

The police had reported that they are investigating the death of a six month old baby, who died on Friday, May 5.

They said in a release that “ the infant’s lifeless body was discovered by a family member who later alerted the police.”

Officers had also taken a 43 year old resident of Belair into custody to assist with their investigations.

The 43 year old woman is said to be a family member, and reportedly has a history of mental instability.

“This tragedy has shaken up the entire family and right now we are in need of prayers,” a family member told SEARCHLIGHT.

The relative continued, “we are all trying to be strong, but deep within we are hurting real bad.”

The relative also asked the nation to offer much prayers for the young mother who has lost her only child.

“Right now, she needs a lot of prayer, so please give her your prayers and support,” the concerned relative asked.

The family reportedly went into shock last Friday, as they learnt of the death of the beloved baby boy whose body was seen in video footage on the pavement outside the building where he resided.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that the child was due to be dedicated sometime this month.

Reports are that the child was thrown from the second floor balcony of a home in Belair on May, 5.

The police have not yet charged anyone in connection with the incident.

A person of interest in the matter is said to be receiving mental health treatment at the moment.

Family members said that the baby’s death is affecting them very much.

“We never expected that such a thing would happen.”

The family is also asking for prayers for the mental health patient, who they claim is in need of “a lot of help.” The mother of the baby was not in a position to speak on the matter.