Noel and Overland Bailey  bridges now officially opened
CUTTING OF THE RIBBON at Overland bridge on Thursday.
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May 12, 2023
Noel and Overland Bailey bridges now officially opened

Motorists travelling north of the Rabacca Dry river now have an easier commute, with the official opening of two Bailey bridges in the area.

The Bailey bridges over river crossings at Noel in Sandy Bay and at Overland, were officially opened yesterday, Thursday, May 11.

Speaking at the opening ceremony at Overland, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves said that both bridges together cost an estimated EC$3.5 million.

The bridges were constructed to help ease the plight of commuters and residents in North Windward who often found themselves trapped on either end of these river crossings during periods of heavy rainfall.

Gonsalves also revealed plans to eventually place permanent bridges over these rivers.

Apart from Overland and Noel, the Prime Minister said a permanent bridge will also be built at London.

He noted that the government has already signed the design contract with Trintoplan Consultancy, an engineering company from Trinidad and Tobago.

He estimates that the permanent bridges will each cost approximately $4 million.

The design plan for these bridges will take approximately one year to be completed.

Minister Montgomery Daniel, who has been parliamentary representative for this area since the advent of the ULP administration in 2001, also spoke at the opening of the Bailey bridges on Thursday.

Daniel noted that there are 21 river crossings in that constituency, and since being in office, he has already built bridges over 14 of these 21 crossings.

These include the Rabacca Bridge and bridges at Basin Hole, Caratal and O’ Brian’s Valley.

“It takes a ULP administration, a ULP government to give such strong performance.

“It takes a strong representative to deliver accordingly,” Daniel said.

The North Windward MP, who is also the Deputy Prime Minister has won the North Windward seat on five consecutive occasions.

At the opening of the bridges on Thursday, he remarked that it was the “first time in my life ever, I am so happy that I do not have to fear any more when I travel from Kingstown to Sandy Bay, whether it is sun or rain, I can stand firm in travelling.”

Daniel also holds the portfolio of Minister of Transport and Works, and described the opening as an historic moment for the people of North Windward.

The North Windward MP, successive governments prior to the ULP did very little for the constituency and did very little to improve access for the residents in the area.