“The SVGOC does not fund individuals”- Stephen Joachim
From Left: PRESIDENT OF THE SVGOC, Stephen Joachim and NATIONAL FEMALE Athlete, Shaffiqua Maloney,
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May 5, 2023
“The SVGOC does not fund individuals”- Stephen Joachim

PRESIDENT OF THE St Vincent and the Grenadines Olympic Committee (SVGOC), Stephen Joachim has made it clear that the policy of the organisation is not to fund individuals, but national federations.

Joachim’s reaffirmation to SEARCHLIGHT comes in light of issues surrounding national female athlete, Shaffiqua Maloney, who is seeking funding from local sources to continue her training programme in the USA.

Explaining the operations of the SVGOC, Joachim said “The SVGOC deals with national federations and not with individual athletes … as such, any funding of individual athletes must be dealt with at the national federation level”.

In expounding on the sources of funds for the SVGOC, Joachim added that “The SVGOC is primarily funded by Panam Sports, and Olympic Solidarity…

…The funding received is limited and is used to support the national federations and fund our administrative expenses”.

Acknowledging that he understands the plight of sportsmen and sportswomen who want to advance their careers, Joachim said he believes they should look for the best and most realistic pathway in life.

“ It is my personal opinion that our athletes should use their sporting talent to obtain the best education they can … once an athlete has graduated University or College, they then need to have an honest evaluation of their future path.”

Joachim added, “ continuing along an athletic pathway is very expensive…. “The financial rewards are very limited unless the athlete is at a world class level, and even

in that case, it may be very challenging.”

Joachim thus made it clear that the SVGOC does not have the funds available to provide any top-level athlete with the full cost of their training and competitions.